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Raising The Bar On Spotless

Top Notch ProjectZ (Pty) Ltd is a Cleaning and Maintenance Company which was founded in August 2017. It is an Enterprise company comprised of two males and one female director. Top Notch ProjectZ focuses exclusively on clients that require quality-cleaning service and we have built our client base and reputation on that premises.
Our aim is to branch into different divisions in order to create more jobs for the unemployed people and offer them skills to open other franchises of Top Notch ProjectZ cleaning services.

Our vision as a cleaning and maintenance company that has just started in a very broad and diverse field where competition is high and always stepping up, is to have a team that will always know why the company exists, to grow into a giant in the field. We want to keep an open line of communication with our clientele whether big or small in order for growth. Our goal in the next 4 years is to have created more than 30 jobs as the unemployment rate is substantially growing with time. We want to introduce our 24/7 Call a Maid Service where a client can get service at any time of the day/night.

As a new company we are still making our mark in the industry. We have recently being doing house calls where we had to clean carpets and general house cleaning for an individual who was moving out, and have done a back yard carport which needed pressure washing, and both clients have given positive feedback to our work. We strive for excellence in what we do. At the moment we the founders of the company are the ones doing all the jobs as they do not require many hands. The company has people we are to hire if a big job is required to be done. No job is too big or too small for Top Notch ProjectZ.

Things that define us as the most efficient cleaning company ever:


Services Range

Whatever you need to clean up – from an apartment or a house to an office or even an industrial warehouse, we’re up to it!


Great Experience

With our years of experience, all our cleaning professionals are ready to keep the dirt off your property!


Rocking Prices

Just compare our shockingly low pricing and the mind-blowing rates that other NYC-based cleaning companies have.



All our tools and cleaning solutions that we use are certified, ecologically friendly and safe to use.


The purpose of Top Notch ProjectZ is to help individuals and companies to keep their cleaning needs satisfied. While the full time working individual takes the little time they get to spend with loved ones and run errands, we make sure that their cleaning needs are met and they don’t worry about having to make time for that too. We also make sure that cleaning is not a hassle in the office environment, as the TNP team will take care of that with our outstanding spotless cleaning.

Target Market

Our audience is very broad; we cater for any individual, office, complex, or any other institution needing our services. Our services vary and will depend on what the client needs at the time, we cover various aspects of cleaning, and we are looking to make sure that we grow to cover all the services in the cleaning industry.

Core Values

Top Notch ProjectZ values its clients and their cleaning needs. Whatever the client requires, we have to make sure that we deliver and exceed their expectations. TNP represents our hands-on practice of routinely checking our work and benchmarking our results

Company Goal

The main goal that we have at the moment is to make sure that we grow our clientele and make sure that where we have worked it is spotless clean. We are looking into making our own unique detergents as we grow.

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